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The Joinery

Stoel Rives

Stoel Rives

When Stoel Rives, Oregon’s largest law firm, moved its corporate headquarters to a new building on downtown Portland, it selected The Joinery to build its conference tables in recognition of both our ability to handle the large scope of the project, and our alignment with Stoel’s company values. In collaboration with ZGF Architects, The Joinery designed fifteen custom conference tables with metal bases to fit out all the conference rooms on two floors of the office space.

Material selection was also important to the Stoel leadership team, and Oregon White Oak was chosen in recognition of the company’s Oregon roots. Eventually, we landed on an origami-inspired design for the metal bases on the larger tables.

Open chases in the metal bases allow concealed wiring to run from floor outlets up through to the metal aprons, providing power and USB access to individual users. The largest tables also included pop-up microphones.

Location: Portland, OR

Scope: Fifteen custom conference tables, ranging from 7-foot Parsons-style tables to accommodate smaller groups to 23-foot trapezoidal tables for larger meeting spaces. When fully assembled, the larger tables weigh over 2500 pounds.

Material: Oregon White Oak, Steel

Finish: Conversion Varnish, Matte Finish

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