Wood Profile: Madrone

Madrone, also known as Pacific Madrona, is a unique Northwestern hardwood found in the coastal areas of British Columbia to Southern California and prized for its rich burgendy, salmon, and warm cream color range, along is known for its curly red bark. Madrone is a dense wood that comes in figured burl with clusters of knots and swirled grain. The Joinery has been using Madrone to build furniture since 2002 in partnerhsip with Sustainable Northwest.

Below is a map of the areas in which Madrone currently grows. Trees are most common in the Coastal region of Oregon and Washington.

The variation of color and grain make Madrone a beautiful choice for furniture but also made lumber selection much more difficult. Below is an example of some Madrone currently in our lumber pile.

Once finished the salmon/pinkish tones of the wood become very apparent. Here is an example of two boards that were bookmatched for a dining table.

Below is an example of figured Madrone that we got in and made beautiful Studio Table Dining table with along with a Modern Dresser made from Madrone with a variation in color.

Seen above are a few examples of our finished furniture created out of madrone lumber. If you would like more information about certain kinds of woods that are currently available, please contact us here.


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