Wild Apples Workshop

Wild Apples is one of our very favorite lines of small items we carry in the showroom. Gunther Keil is the artisan behind this heirloom toy line, and he has been creating wooden toys for over 30 years. His pieces are made to reflect, as he says, "the fragility and exquisiteness of life". We can see that in his tiny animal figures and habitats, his arks and his Nativity scenes, but mostly we just think they are adorable!

Wild Apples has so many great scenes, two of our favorites are above. The Heirloom Ark has 42 individual figures. Gunther likes to use natural woods to represent the species, sometime using wood dyes as accents. The tiger pair stands out in the set, and the penguins are just so cute! Another favorite set is the Trojan Horse, a limited edition set which fits its 22 spear-wielding warriors inside.

The newest addition to our collection here on the showroom floor and definitely an immediate hit...introducing Geeks In The Woods! Another limited edition, the Mantis, Elephant and Heron gather around the PC for a game of Spider.

Wild Apples is included in our accessories sale that continues until November 15th, they make fantastic gifts so come by the showroom to save 25%.


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