Where Craft, Passion & Business Intersect: Lilith Rockett’s Handmade Artistry

If you ever wondered about the current state of Oregon Craft and its critical role in providing creative fuel for innovation and economic development that goes well beyond the beautiful pieces the artisans create, look no further than the current exhibit at Portland’s Museum of Contemporary Craft (MCC), on display this summer.

It is a curated cross-section of the craft activity throughout the state, aptly demonstrating the depth and breadth of our rich creative resources. It’s also a showcase for the entrepreneurial spirit of the companies and individuals who combine their passion for craft with a knack for business.

One of those creator entrepreneurs is Lilith Rockett, whose handmade porcelain ceramic pieces feature prominently on the second floor of the MCC exhibit. They feature clean lines and unglazed polished surfaces. These are pieces, like simple cups and saucers, that are meant to be used as well as displayed – using simple shapes that “evoke rather than impose”.

“I always enjoyed making things, since I was a little kid, when I would make stuff an and try to sell it to neighbors – things like Christmas ornaments, going door to door”, Rockett noted.

“Art was the thing that mattered to me most, but I really didn’t get into it until my 20s, when I took a ceramics class at a San Francisco community college, and loved it”

Don’t miss her work displayed (and for sale) at the MCC State Of Oregon Craft exhibit, through August 15, 2015, or, you can find it for sale in Portland at Canoe in the West End, at Beam & Anchor on N. Interstate, and at The Joinery at their Woodstock and downtown locations. Built Oregon is happy to be one of the media sponsors for the MCC exhibit.

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