Vendor Profile: Tufenkian

We are proud to be one of the retailers for Tufenkian Carpets, a company dedicated to producing beautiful handmade wool carpets and to promoting social responsibility.

James Tufenkian founded the company in 1986 after traveling to Tibet and forming a partnership with master weaver Tsetan Gyurman. Soon after, Tufenkian expanded production to his ancestral homeland of Armenia, working to revive the the ancient craft of carpet weaving and to provide employment and resources for the local population.

Tufenkian has built medical facilities and schools in Tibet, funded the development of the tourism industry in Armenia and today employs 10,000 individuals worldwide. We offer a range of Tufenkian carpets right here at the Joinery and are also happy to coordinate with Tufenkian's Portland showroom to help you choose the carpet of your dreams.

Stop into the showroom or call us at 800.259.6762 for details. Be sure to visit Tufenkian's website here to learn more.

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