The Joinery's quality furniture

Looking at the furniture landscape, especially how things have evolved recently, The Joinery’s mission to create handcrafted furniture that’s here for good stands out. Our high-quality pieces backed by a lifetime warranty stand in stark contrast to the market, which has seen the decline in quality accelerate of late.

Maud bed in Eastern Walnut with Maud nightstands, Maud desk and Klamath chair.

The press is beginning to take note of what we have known for years. The Washington Post’s “Why furniture got so bad” article  notes that “furniture used to last generations. Now it barely survives a move.” The article discusses the fast-fashion model applied to the furniture industry.

While this may be true for much of the market today, it’s not how we do things at The Joinery. Our furniture is designed with longevity in mind, not this Spring’s color palette. We want our designs to be to be as relevant ten years from now as they are today. And our furniture quality matches the timeless design. Our team uses traditional woodworking techniques with modern machinery to create high-quality pieces that hold up to our lifetime warranty.

The Wall Street Journal’s recent article “Your New $3,000 Couch Might Be Garbage in Three Years”  goes further. While consumers don’t expect low-cost furniture produced overseas to last long, they are still often disappointed with how quickly those items deteriorate.

Worse, consumer do expect expensive items to come with superior quality to match the price tag. But increasingly, that isn’t the case either. So our customers are often surprised that Joinery furniture, handcrafted with a lifetime warranty, is comparably priced to big box retailers. This is consistently the case for many customer favorites, like our Modern Simple Bed or Shaker Dining Table.

At The Joinery, we take great pride in creating handcrafted furniture that brings customers joy for decades – if not generations. We invite you to visit us for your next furniture purchase. Whether it’s an item from our standard product line or a custom piece that you drew up on the back of a napkin, we design and build quality pieces that last a lifetime.


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