Table for twelve - with a cool story, please

Most people don’t spend their days thinking about custom furniture. So, when this homeowner wanted to create an inviting dining room where they could gather with friends and family, they knew they needed something special.

They turned to their interior designer, who envisioned a statement piece that would bring warmth and character to the space. Together, they came up with the idea for a live-edge Western Walnut dining table that could seat twelve guests.

And, when the designer relayed the dream, we knew exactly who to contact for this special project — one of our local Western Walnut suppliers, Dave, who has been in the lumber industry since the 1970’s and has been providing the Joinery with “lumber with a story” for decades.

Walnut Tree

Dave had slabs from a beautiful walnut tree, that was felled in Spring of 2009, that were perfect for the project. In fact, we used slabs from this tree in projects over a decade ago, and fortunately there were a few left.

When the boards arrived in our woodshop the client approved the layout and the new custom drawing, and our team then went to work.

Tree before milling


Our craftsman, Jon, transformed these book-matched slabs into what you see. A custom Live-Edge Western Walnut top with a modified Whitman-style base, adorned with twelve Eastern Walnut Klamath Stacking Chairs, by one of our talented chair-makers, Brian.

Klamath chair process

Once delivered we were so excited to see the pictures of the pieces placed in their new home. We appreciate being able to bring this vision to life for the interior designer and their client.

This custom book matched Western Walnut table can seat twelve of our customer’s closest friends and family, and it does so comfortably. The client’s biggest concerns were legroom and being able to fully push in all 12 chairs. We started out with our standard Whitman style base and redesigned it to fit our customer’s needs and knees.

The finished product is a stunning dining set that perfectly reflects our customers' dream: a comfortable and inviting space where they can host their loved ones for years to come.

If you're looking for a custom piece of furniture that tells a story, we'd love to help you tell yours—call, email, or come in today.

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