Supporting the next generation of Woodworkers

The Joinery is proud of our partnerships with two Portland-area high schools to help further the woodworking aspirations of young students. In person events and tours for these programs were on hiatus for the last years due to COVID-19 but we are excited that we have opened it back up to help support our youth.

Student from Sabin-Schellenberg tour The Joinery woodshop


This year we once again partnered with Sabin-Schellenberg High School in a couple different ways. First, we donated material to the Architecture and Design program, then showcased the students’ remarkable work that they produced from it. The students created over 60 pieces, from games to art pieces that were on display for auction at our Downtown Showroom. We hosted an opening event for the students and their families. After three weeks of bidding, the auction raised over $2,500 that was donated to the Sabin-Schellenberg program. Thank you all who participated in the auction and helped us support this program while giving give the students opportunity to showcase their work to the public.

In May we also hosted the students from Sabin-Schellenberg High School’s Building Construction Program at our St. Johns Woodshop. Their instructor is a former Joinery woodworker who was able to share her experiences with her students firsthand. Their class came to our woodshop and had a wonderful tour with Levi, our Table Team Lead, and Taryn, our Furniture Designer.

Touring the students of Sabin-Schellenberg at The Joinery woodshop

St. Helens High School

We are also continuing our partnership with St. Helens High School shop students through donations of scrap material. We were happy to host one of their students as she shadowed one of our Craftspeople for a day to learn more about a career in woodworking.

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