Roosevelt Internship Program at The Joinery

The Joinery is thrilled to have partnered with Roosevelt High School to provide a paid internship program, with our first intern Peyton “graduating” this month.

The Joinery internship program with Roosevelt high school

Shortly after The Joinery relocated to St. Johns in late 2019, we began conversations with the Roosevelt High School faculty. We were excited to join the neighborhood and wanted to explore ways we could collaborate with the school. That was in January 2020, and we all know the story of what happened next. Needless to say, we put this on the back burner for awhile as we all worked through the challenges of COVID.

We restarted the dialogue last year, which led to our paid internship program. Roosevelt has a fantastic Shop program, led by James Duckwell, with over 200 students in its program. We interviewed four enthusiastic students at the beginning of the year who were selected by the Roosevelt staff to apply for our internship.

The Joinery internship program with Roosevelt highschool

We were excited to bring Peyton on board as our first intern. She spent her 12-week internship in our Finishing department, learning the ins and outs of oiling, cuffing and sanding. She also shadowed a Craftstperson in the Shop to see the process of building furniture, and spent time with other departments to get a sense of how other important facets of the business work.

Peyton graduated from the internship this month (as well as earning her high school diploma!). Thanks Peyton! We wish you all the best in your bright future, and look forward to continuing the program with a new student when school starts back up in the Fall.

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