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Portland is the epicenter of DIY culture, and we've got insider tips from the best DIY-ers in town. Zines are historically self-published booklets usually produced in small batches on a low budget. Travel Portland has chosen to celebrate the medium honoring Portland’s history as a leader in zine publishing and allow visitors to explore the city’s shops, restaurants, bars and events through the eyes of local artists.

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Local designers and artists spend their days crafting everything from handmade bags, apothecaries and stationary to furniture, jewelry and kombucha. Whether you live here or you’re just visiting, you can always find a great one-of-a-kind gift, souvenir or even DIY kit to take home and try for yourself. In this zine, we’ve collected insider tips from some of the best DIY-ers in town.

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The Joinery - The Joinery designs and handcrafts beautiful hardwood furniture for residential and commercial spaces. Using traditional woodworking techniques and hardwoods from sustainable forest resources, each piece of Joinery furniture is wholly built, and proudly signed, by an individual builder in our Portland, Oregon wood shop. All of our residential furniture is warranted for a lifetime of real-world use.

Mazama Wares - Inspired by the great outdoors, Mazama Wares offers handmade glassware, mugs, tumblers and bottles made for holding your favorite coffees, wines, beer and cocktails. The store also carries gift sets of locally made goodies, like cocktail bitters, instant drinking chocolate, bottled raw honey and more.

Creo Chocolate - This bean-to-bar chocolate shop roasts, cracks, winnows, grinds, conches, tempers, molds and packages small batches of chocolate in its Northeast Broadway factory and tasting room. Their cacao beans are sourced directly from the farmer and crafted to bring out their interesting flavors, and $1 from the sale of every bar will be donated to worthy organizations. The store also sells brewed cacao, hot chocolate, packaged cocoa nibs and brownies.

Red Clouds Collective - A team of craftsmen and women are behind Red Clouds Collective, designing and producing high-quality lifestyle accessories. Find leather luggage, wallets, cell phone cases and covers, lanyards, vests and more.

Oaks Bottom Forge - Oaks Bottom Forge creates hand-forged knives designed and crafted in Southeast Portland, along with leading classes in bladesmithing, leather crafting and knife building.

Knit Purl- Specializing in the exotic and luxurious, Knit Purl is a serene haven for knitters in the middle of downtown Portland. One look at their shelves, brimming with vibrant, cozy yarns of every weight and fiber, will entice and inspire you. Patterns from the hottest knitwear designers provide creative vision and style. Knit Purl’s friendly staff of yarn lovers are always helpful, and you can also enjoy a cup of tea while you relax and knit in the store.

Case of Bass - Case of Bass provides exactly what its name suggests; old-school luggage, trunks and suitcases transformed into boomboxes – think amp-meets-vintage briefcase.

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