The Perfect Toys for Kids on the Go

Just in time for the holidays! The Joinery is now featuring two new really fun toys made by Baldwin Toys of Omaha, Nebraska. Each of these pieces are handcrafted by artist and owner Steve Baldwin. Since 1976 Steve has been making toys with a focus on the quality. His work has been featured in shows across the country and received numerous awards. What we really enjoy about Baldwin toys is that he makes toys for everyone: from collector pieces to the toys that endure a childhood of playing.

For this holiday season The Joinery is featuring Baldwin Toys Wood Car 4 Pack Toy and his Transporter Toy. Both of these pieces are made with a two wood species and finished with a food safe oil finish.

Baldwin Toys 4 Pack

The Wood Car 4 Pack features a carrying case and 4 cars that are held in place with two pins. All you have to do is pull out the pin and take your cars for a spin.

4-Pack Handcrafted Toys

The Transporter (below) features a large truck and three cars that puzzle together on the trailer.

Transporter Wood Toy Truck with CarsTransporter Wood Truck with Cars Handcrafte

To learn more about Baldwin Toys including his amazing master’s series of cars, boats, and trains, click here.


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