Partnership with Tropical Salvage

We are very excited to feature products from Tropical Salvage in our showrooms starting this month. Tropical Salvage is a fantastic company that shares The Joinery’s values of using business to address the global environmental crisis.

Tropical Salvage was founded 27 years ago to address the global environmental problems caused by the logging – both legal and illegal – of tropical rainforests in Indonesia. Tropical Salvage does not use lumber from any trees that have been cut down. Rather, the company salvages all of its material from trees that have already fallen from a variety of factors, including volcanic eruptions and landslides. Tropical Salvage maintains chain of custody throughout the salvage process, with their employees conducting the salvage operations. The company provides competitive wages and benefits for its employees, and leads reforestation projects in Indonesia to restore tropical forests.

Tropical Salvage Partnership with The Joinery

Joinery owner Jon Blumenauer has long been an admirer of Tropical Salvage and its founder, Tim O’Brien. “I’ve known Tim for over 15 years, and we are very proud to partner with him. The work he and his team do in Indonesia is inspirational. They provide real environmental benefits to a growing environmental crisis.”

Featuring Tropical Salvage products is new for The Joinery, which has traditionally featured only US hardwoods and makers. Although based in Portland, Tropical Salvage conducts operations in Indonesia. “We have always partnered with companies that have similar values, and that is certainly the case with Tim and Tropical Salvage,” said Jon, who lived in Indonesia and has traveled extensively in the country and throughout the Southeast Asia region. “I know from my time there that the company not only addresses global environmental problems, but providing these jobs makes a real difference in people’s lives.”

Our first project using Tropical Salvage lumber is a stunning Live-Edge Dining Table, and we also have a select variety of small accessories.

Tropical Salvage Table top with The Joinery

Tropical Salvage partnership with The Joinery

See the Live Edge Dining Table at our Yamhill showroom in Downtown Portland, and small items are featured in both our Downtown and St. Johns showrooms. Click here to see store hours and make an appointment.

Featuring Accessories from Tropical Salvage at The Joinery

Featuring Accessories from Tropical Salvage at The Joinery

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