Our SE Woodstock location

To our customers, partners and the Woodstock community:

We wanted to share some important information with you about our Woodstock manufacturing facility. We currently lease this building, and with our lease ending this October, we have been evaluating options for a new space that will support our growth. It is likely that we will move to a new location in the St. Johns area of Portland at the end of our lease. Our plans will be finalized over the next couple of months and we will share with you once they are.

Regardless of the future of our manufacturing facility, our Downtown Portland showroom will continue to operate as normal.

We do not have any details on what the property owner has planned if we do leave. We have received a flurry of inquiries recently about a new development project being planned for the block that includes our Woodstock manufacturing facility. These reports from community members are the first we have heard about the project.

We are both excited for what the future holds for The Joinery, as well as grateful to the Woodstock community for all of your support over the last 22 years. We have a great affinity for the neighborhood, where a number of our customers and employees live. We will keep you all posted as our plans are finalized.

For direct inquires please contact Cassandra Jackson at cassandra.jackson@thejoinery.com or 503.788.8547 ext. 207.

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