Our Featured Holiday Makers

One of the things we enjoy most about our work is our relationships with other Portland makers, many of which have been cultivated over years of working together. After a temporary pause due to the pandemic, in the past several months we have developed new partnerships with home good makers, whose wares we are excited to feature in our Showrooms.

The Joinery new Portland Makers

OROX Leather

When we met the family behind OROX Leather a few years ago, we saw a clear alignment in our values of creating high-quality handcrafted products from natural materials. We are excited to launch with our first collaboration between OROX and The Joinery with OROX leather placemats and coasters in a variety of colors. The beautiful leather craftsmanship is a perfect complement to a Joinery dining table, available starting this weekend at our downtown showroom.

Orox leather partnership with The Joinery

OROX coasters and placemats for The Joinery

Founded in 1964, OROX spans four generations of leather makers with roots beginning in Oaxaca, Mexico. The name OROX represents the merging our past (Oaxaca) with our present (Oregon).

OROX Leather is dedicated to the craftsmanship of quality leather goods and our products are designed to harmonically blend the durability of leather and the sustainability of recycled materials, with the purpose of being passed on to coming generations as a heritage of American craft. It is our hope to continue to manifest their artistic expression in the same manner that our great grandparents did seventy years ago, maintaining tradition while developing alongside modern styles.

Michael Newsome Ceramics

Michael Newsome Ceramics is the culmination of his years spent working in restaurants coupled with a lifetime of making art. The inspiration for his pottery comes from cooking in professional kitchens, and the color palette draws from the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. All work begins on the potter’s wheel making each piece consistent yet unique, retaining evidence of his hand in the process. The ceramics Michael creates are designed to have a light, balanced weight while still being very durable. The glazes he has formulated express a diverse color palette while maintaining a cohesive feel.

He has designed each piece to feel comfortable in the hand and smooth to the touch. The shapes and sizes are inspired by the meals he cooks and are designed to enhance the visual appeal of these foods as well as be the perfect shape from which to consume them. Michael's purpose is to create objects that have the ability to elevate the everyday, turning routines into rituals. His wish is for his work to find a home where it can be used and appreciated every day, and for years to come.


Michael Newsome ceramics

Our design team has followed Michael's work for several years. His work truly defines how beauty and utility can be combined into a handcrafted object. We are excited to bring in a variety of his tabletop wares and vases into our Downtown Showroom.

Lume Home

Artist Jim White is an educator and practicing artist focusing on both sculptural and functional ceramics. He holds a Masters in Fine Arts degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of American Crafts, which was founded on training artists in the philosophy of the Bauhaus. He brings a strong attention to detail along with high standards for craftsmanship to his work. His love of process ensures that all Lume Home’s products are of superior quality. Each lamp is made in Jim’s Portland, Oregon home studio and fired in the hand-built gas kiln in his garden. He makes molds for each lamp design and slips casts each body in porcelain.

Lume Home

Jim has taken a thoughtful approach to each element of Lume Home’s products: wood components are turned by a Portland wood artisan, the shades are American-made, and the lamp parts are assembled individually in his studio before being shipped throughout the county.

Joinery Lume Home partnership

The Joinery has featured Lume Home's lamps recently, and this year our team was excited for a studio visit to learn more about his process and story. While there we chose a few custom colors and design details with Jim to feature in our showrooms. We appreciate the collaborative process and Jim's dedication to beautiful, thoughtful design, and are very excited to expand our partnership.

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