Celilo Hall Tree

Celilo Hall Tree: Craftsmanship we can hang our hat on.

The Joinery is celebrating the imminent arrival of spring with the debut of our Celilo Hall Tree, designed by our own Lys Opp-Beckman in consultation with shop foreman and resident master carver Tenzin Wangdu.

The Celilo Hall Tree lets you indulge your spring cleaning impulses by creating a welcoming and refined nest for your outdoor necessities. Its slender suspended coat rack with graceful cast hooks from Sweden hold jackets, hats, scarves, pet leashes, et al. There’s shelf storage for boots and shoes, plus a floating seat that lets you don and remove footwear with no one-footed gymnastics needed.

The prototype for this modern variation on a classic fixture was built by 10-year veteran of The Joinery, Justin Appel, who provided proof-of-concept of some advanced woodworking techniques. The Celilo’s bridle joint design, for example, is a joint-strengthening, exposed joinery technique that allows no room for error during construction. It’s just one of the thoughtful woodworking details that makes this piece of furniture at once minimalistic and deeply refined.

Consider the Celilo Hall Tree as a highly functional focal point for your hallway, entryway or living room. It will let you bring your springtime outerwear out of the closet and make both a fashion and furniture statement at the same time. Everything that we build is warranted for life, you know that it’s, well, built for the long hall. To see this piece for yourself visit our downtown showroom at 922 SW Yamhill St in Portland.

Celilo Hall Tree

Celilo Hall Tree in Eastern Walnut • $2,700 • 18 deep x 48 wide x 75 high

Celilo Hall Tree

Detail of top of Celilo Hall Tree with Coat Hooks

Celilo Hall Tree Detail

Detail of Celilo Hall Tree Seat with thru tenon design.


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