Metamortise | Vote & Win A Joinery Piece

The Joinery hosts an annual design competition amongst its master woodworkers called Metamortise – the mission is to create unique furniture pieces from leftover scrap materials. We'll be kicking off our Metamortise event on Saturday, April 16th, 3-5pm, at our downtown showroom at 922 SW Yamhill. Vote online HERE.

Meta | met·a | adjective | of a creative work

Mortise | mor·tise | verb | join securely by using a mortise and tenon

The Joinery defines Metamortise - to build something creative by using time-tested Joinery techniques. We exhibit the one-of-a-kind pieces on our website and in an event at our downtown showroom. All the pieces must meet The Joinery’s high-standards of beautiful design and enduring quality.

Adhering to the company’s sustainability mission of recycling 100% of its wood waste, owner and CEO Jon Blumenauer challenged the teams to think creatively. “The wood takes on a new life as it is upcycled into a different product and, very importantly, the leftovers stay out of the landfill.”

Join the Metamortise fun and help us decide the winning piece. Vote online HERE or visit us in person at The Joinery’s downtown showroom at 922 SW Yamhill. All entries will be judged on 3 overall categories:

  • Innovative use of scrap
  • Would you want this in your home?
  • Overall design aesthetic

The winning builder gets bragging rights for the next year. We also select one voter at random to win the piece of your choice (up to a $2500 value). To qualify to win, complete the ballot by answering all the questions. Voting is open until April 24th. Shipping is not included. Winner will be notified by email.

All entries are displayed in our downtown showroom and available for purchase after the contest is over on April 24th. But these keepsakes don’t last long. If you fall in love with a piece, visit the downtown showroom and ask to put a “HOLD” on the special piece – first come, first served.



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