Metamortise | The Joinery Partners With ACE Academy

Every year, we challenge The Joinery master builders to turn lumber leftovers into things of use and beauty. All the designs are one-of-a-kind pieces and span from coffee tables, clocks, artwork, nightstands and curio cabinets, among others.

Above: Dodecahedron Lamp by Laike Little | ACE Academy

For the 2016 event, The Joinery partnered with ACE Academy. The Joinery donated scrap wood leftover from the manufacturing facility’s larger furniture pieces to the high school students for their projects. The student produced coasters, a lamp, a clock, artwork, puzzles, iPhone cases and iPhone docks to be exhibited at The Joinery’s downtown location during Design Week Portland. The items will be for sale starting April 16 as a benefit for ACE Academy.

Above: Sasquatch Coaster Puzzle by Kody Thompson | ACE Academy

"It’s amazing to see the students with such excitement and pride in what they are learning and creating. The Joinery has provided an opportunity for the students to feel the stress of having a real client, with real deadlines. Some have experienced the disappointment of not completing the task, which is a hard yet very valuable lesson. While others who were able to complete the project, are experiencing the inverse,” Angela Wright, ACE Academy Architecture Instructor.

Above: Glass Case by Diana Remorenko | ACE Academy

The Joinery master woodworkers Metamortise pieces are available to view starting Thursday, April 14th, online at , as well as, at our downtown Portland location at 922 SW Yamhill. The Metamortise kick off event will be held on Saturday, April 16th, from 3-5 pm. Join us to view the master woodworker pieces, the ACE Academy pieces and enjoy local wines and tasty bites.

All ACE Academy projects on display at The Joinery, 922 SW Yamhill


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