Live Edge Elm Dining Table

While our standard wood species allow us to build stunning dining tables, occasionally we like to experiment with different woods. Recently we came across an incredible set of locally harvested, book matched Elm slabs and knew we could put them to good use. The result is a gorgeous Live Edge Dining Table built by Michael, a ten-year veteran at The Joinery. The piece features an open grain pattern and unique figuring that resembles a heart shape.

Elm Live Edge Dining Table

We thought the table was stunning, and customers did too. It didn’t last long on our Yamhill showroom floor, but it will in it’s new home: the office of Steve Bloom, the CEO of the Portland Japanese Garden.

Elm Live Edge Dining Table with V-back Chairs

Since this was our fist time working with Elm in our shop in recent years, we took a short video of our finish team putting on the first coat of oil and highlighting the beautifully figured grain.

Elm has warm red tones in the heart wood and a lighter tones in the sap wood, which made it a perfect fit with Cherry. Shown below are our Cherry Arts and Crafts Chairs with the Elm Live Edge Table.

Live Edge Elm Table dressed up for the Holidays

A new table is in the shop to replace this one in our Yahmill showroom at the end of January. We are also building several Western Walnut live edge table tops that will be on the floor at both our Woodstock and Yamhill locations later this month, and will allow easy pairing with one of our many standard base options.


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