Live Edge Beds in Stock

The Joinery currently has a variety of Live Edge Beds in stock and available immediatly. Carefully selected for their grain and figure, most of them are in Western Walnut along with a one-a-kind local Maple. We build these for both a mattress set up and or a mattress/ box spring setups.

Live Edge Bed in stock

Western Walnut Live Edge Bed with a Platform set up $2,700. To purchase this bed click here to go to the product page.

Live Edge Detail

Below are a few other examples of the Live Edge Beds in Stock. We have 4 Different Queen versions for $2,700 and one King size for $2,925.

Live Edge Bed in Western Walnut

Live Edge Bed in Stock

If you would like to see some of these beds in person, please stop by The Joinery or contact us here.


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