Life's a bench

The holidays can bring out some rarely seen articles: The silver turkey lifter. The crystal cranberry server. Uncle Roscoe. And all the extra seating you can muster.

Instead of folding chairs and floor cushions, our expanding line of benches offers cost-effective seating alternatives that beautifully compliment your Joinery furniture, hold a passel of kids and a half-passel of sturdy adults, and perform other wonders of overflow accommodation.

So to celebrate the season and satisfy the need, we've just added two new benches to our standard line to augment our traditional Studio Bench: a Live Edge Bench and Shaker Bench. Both are elegantly simple, rugged enough for resist the roughhousing younger set, and beautiful enough to take a place of honor in your home all year long.

And oh yes, they make perfect bleacher seats when Aunt Ida decides it's time for her piano recital. So drop into our showroom, see them for yourself, and resolve that longstanding need for extra seating.

Studio Dining Bench

Studio Dining Bench with the, Modern Sideboard, Studio Dining Chairs and Dining Table in Maple

Live Edge Bench

Live Edge Bench in Western Walnut

Studio Bench

Studio Bench in Maple

Shaker Dining Bench

Shaker Bench in Cherry


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