Kyoto Chair in Madrone

We recently completed an order for a Kyoto Dining Table and Chairs in our locally sourced Madrone, and it came out so pretty we wanted to post some photos. The Madrone was selected by the foreman and approved over several visits with the customers, and we ended up with a fabulous, highly figured selection of lumber. The chairs are particularly stunning, with a wide stripe of the Madrone's iconic red and grey streaks running down the center. Thanks to Joinery craftsman Robin for making these gorgeous chairs!

Below, you can see the Kyoto chairs as they came through Sanding.

Lumber approvals are always available for built to order furniture, and recommended for species with a lot of grain and color variation like Madrone and Western Walnut. Let us know when ordering your furniture if you are interested in meeting with the foreman or meeting your builder. Being a part of the process is part of the excitement of owning a piece of Joinery furniture.


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