Kind words from our customers

Our company and products have always been a reflection of our great team of employees. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic our team, many of whom are pictured here, has been incredibly thoughtful about preventing the spread of the virus. The new realities have changed how we operate, but not the care and consideration we hold for each other, our customers, and the products we take so much pride in creating. During this challenging time we have been inspired by the incredible support of our customers.

The Joinery team

Below are just a few of their heartwarming messages here.

"Your beautiful artworks grace every room of our home, and gives us quiet joy every day."

"Thank you times a thousand for all your help in making the piece happen; it'll be something my partner and I cherish for many decades yet to come."

"We have gotten so much pleasure from the two pieces of furniture you made for us...most recently the breakfast room table that Kyle made. We admire it continuously throughout the day, and consider ourselves particularly fortunate to have gotten delivery before the shutdown."

"During this time of quarantine many are taking the time to reflect on friendships and kindnesses from past years. I just received your newsletter via e mail. I thought about you all AND the fact that I had just spend yesterday lovingly cleaning/lightly oiling my GORGEOUS dining table and 10 chairs made by you nearly 25 years ago. We LOVE it and have from the start. Having it made “specifically for us” allowed it to be exactly what we wanted and has not failed us over the years! It's as beautiful as the day you delivered it."

If you would like to share your Joinery moments with us please email your note here.

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