The Joinery + Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company

The masters of sawing wood join forces with the masters of sawing logs.

We’re pleased and excited to have found a perfect match in mattresses for our collection of beautifully crafted beds.

Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company is a small, 30-year-old Seattle business committed to the art and science of a deep and healthful sleep — and they do so with uncompromising custom craftsmanship, astute innovation, locally-sourced organic materials, utmost integrity and an evolved social consciousness that makes them an active and honored member of their community.

In other words, Soaring Heart is everything The Joinery expects of itself. So there’s nothing strange about these two bedfellows joining forces to furnish you with the whole framework and fabric of a good night’s sleep. To see all the Soaring Heart Mattresses The Joinery offers, visit our mattress page.

To celebrate this partnership, The Joinery will be hosting a Soaring Heart Product Event at our Woodstock showroom on Saturday, July 23rd. At this special event you can meet one of the makers of these amazing mattresses and learn about their product first hand.

Soaring Heart Handcrafted Mattresses

Go to to see all the ways they diverge from mainstream mattress manufacturers — it’s not unlike comparing a Michelin-rated restaurant with a fast food joint. Here are just a few notable distinctions:

  • There are no synthetics or chemicals used in the manufacture. The company sources natural, organic wool, cotton and material materials from small local farms and ranches that are as passionate about quality as is Soaring Heart.
  • Each Soaring Heart mattress is actually four separate layers performing separate functions of support, softness, spine alignment and protection, rather than everything “mooshed" together as in most mattresses. And each mattress is carefully customized to individual characteristics like body type, sleep position, ailments and sensitivities.
  • Soaring Heart is one of only two mattress companies recognized for its full disclosure of product and manufacturing components by the advocacy group Clean and Healthy New York.
  • The company has a lifelong history and culture of giving to charitable causes, volunteering, endowing scholarships, and supporting community events.

So to coin a phrase, we’ve made your bed, and now you can sleep in it — on a mattress made just for you and your own idiosyncrasies by a company that really cares about the products they craft by hand.

Drop by The Joinery soon to see how our woods and oils, their wools and cottons, and our mutual commitment to our crafts and our communities make for a truly thoroughbed combination.


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