Joinery Scrap Becomes Art

As many of you know, The Joinery can generate a lot of scrap wood. We try to use as much as we can with smaller projects like bread boards and J Boxes, but occasionally we have to sell the overflow. For $60, you can take home a large bin of scrap wood of various sizes. Often times you can find some really amazing pieces! Sometimes we wonder where those pieces go and what they become. A few of our customers have been gracious enough to share their works with us, and since we've enjoyed them so much, we feel the need to share these projects with everyone.

Rosie's Sun - Michael Morehouse

This upcycled artwork by Michael Morehouse incorporates found, reclaimed, and Joinery scrap pieces. View more of his work here.

Stephen Adams

Stephen Adams is another local artist who incorporates Joinery scrap into some of his pieces. Stephen creates beautiful sculptures using recycled, upcycled and found objects. He often incorporates wood and glass into his pieces and creates beautiful relationships between the two. You can see more of his work on his website here or visit Springbox Gallery in Portland.

Spiral Bookcase

Damien Frye is another Joinery customer who is turning scrap into wonderful art. He created the spiral staircase shown above for a friend graduating from architecture school - a friend indeed! During a graduation party they displayed croquembouche on each "step." If you're interesting in learning more about Damien's work, you can email him here.

Richard Perkins - Wood Box

The wooden boxes were made by Richard Perkins, a local woodcrafter who also uses scrap from The Joinery. He also makes clocks, bowls and hat racks among other things. The drastic contrast was created by alternating between Maple and Wenge.

Our scrap wood has been in high demand as of late. If you're interested in getting one of our bins, give us a call at 503.788.8547 and we'll get your name on the list!


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