The Joinery to partner with Friends of Trees

We’re all Friends of Trees in a way. From Portland’s green canopy, to our yards where they offer a place to climb or hang a hammock to the wood we use to build lasting, multi-generational pieces of furniture, we all love and appreciate trees. Here in the Pacific NW, we are fortunate to have an organization called Friends of Trees, with one mission, to improve the natural world around us by to planting trees…together.

Last year Friends of Trees organized over 5,000 volunteers to plant trees in different communities. Whether it’s restoring natural habitats, improving watersheds, helping new homeowners plant trees or making our urban forests stronger, trees have made good friends with this organization that has planted over 500,000 trees since their founding 25 years ago.

Join us for Woodstock Gives Back: a day dedicated to local nonprofits by the community of businesses on and about the street where we work.. Sunday, September 13, 2015, nearly 30 stores and services businesses throughout the Woodstock area will be raising funds and generating awareness for the charity or non-profit of their choice. Portland is widely known for its scores of active and empowered neighborhoods. And as this lively Woodstock event demonstrates, the famous esprit extends to not just to residential neighborhoods, but to businesses as well.

We’ve chosen as our non-profit partner Friends of Trees, which has been caring for city trees and green spaces in Pacific Northwest communities since 1989. The Joinery is excited to partner with Friends of Trees. On September 13th, The Joinery will be donating $50 for every piece of furniture sold, up to $2500 at our Woodstock location.

Stop by and get a photo with Garry, do a fun activity with scrap wood, get more information on Friends of Trees and enjoy the lively Woodstock entertainment. See you soon!


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