The Joinery nets its newest Celilo catch

We’re delighted to introduce our newest addition to our prized Celilo family of living room and dining room furniture: the Celilo Media Console. We think it encapsulates the highest expression of the Celilo design theme, originally developed by Liz Holoubek in 2010.

Available in two standard size options — an 18”x49”x20” 2-drawer version and 18”x72”x20” version with additional center flip-down door — the Celilo Media Console was designed by Taryn Johnson to fit within the Celilo look-and-feel while casting its own distinctive spell.

Our Celilo Media Console

In addition to its lithe straight lines and its modern expression of traditional forms, its design adds visual magnetism (and challenges our master woodworkers!) with identifying features like mitered top and sides, exposed bridle joints where stretchers meet legs, and concealed drawer and door hardware that helps accentuate the continuous woodgrain across the entire front face.

While you can specify your own Celilo Media Console construction from a full range of wood species, the meticulous continuation of the woodgrain across all the drawers and doors encourages selection of woods with a straighter grain to accentuate the continuity of line.

Like all our tour de force furniture, the Celilo Media Console is a treat for the fingers as well as a feast for the eyes: sliding your hand across its extraordinarily smooth surfaces or enjoying the oh-so just-right feel as you slide open the drawers and pop open the door are recurring pleasures you need to sample in person to appreciate. There are some very special effects you’ll never find on those DVDs inside!

The Celilo Media Console joins the coffee table, end tables, sofa, lounge chairs, hallf tree, dining table and dining chairs that are already part of the celebrated Celilo line. Whether you’re collecting the set or starting here, drop in and experience it for yourself. We suspect your media will be favorably biased!


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