The Joinery Launches Holiday Gifts Made From Upcycled Lumber

Small pieces of perfection from our master woodworkers

The Joinery has designed a collection of small, handcrafted gifts for the holiday season. Traditionally known for dining tables and bedroom sets, The Joinery is featuring solid wood bud vases, woven trivets, and floating knife racks handmade in Portland by its master woodworkers.

Adhering to the company’s sustainability mission of recycling 100% of its wood waste, owner and CEO Jon Blumenauer challenged the team to creatively build small gift items out of the “off-fall” – or leftover scrap wood – from the manufacturing facility’s larger furniture pieces.

“We have gorgeous pieces of, Western Walnut, Oregon Oak, Cherry and Madrone lumber leftover after a large furniture run. Our team came up with beautiful designs that reused the wood in innovative ways,” said Blumenauer. “The wood takes on a new life as it is upcycled into a different product and, very importantly, the leftovers stay out of the landfill.”

Diverting waste materials out of the landfill reduces greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. To that end, The Joinery takes its pledge to recycle all wood waste seriously, while proving that there are economic as well as environmental benefits to recycling. The company does not send a scrap of wood, or even a puff of sawdust, to a landfill. All scrap lumber is recycled into new products or donated. The Joinery woodshop boasts a dust collection system and briquette machine that collects all sawdust and transforms it into wood briquettes that are donated to the community.

The new designs help fulfill the sustainability mission while making Joinery products even more accessible. “Our team worked collectively to design unique pieces that we felt complemented the quality and the spirit of our existing furniture line,” said Blumenauer. “Now everyone can own a handcrafted piece from The Joinery master craftsmen."

The new holiday gift line is available online at, as well as both Portland, Oregon locations: downtown at 922 SW Yamhill and at 4804 SE Woodstock.


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