The Joinery accessories for the holiday

At The Joinery we currently have a range of accessories available for the holidays. This includes items we make in our shop using our "scrap wood" along with other great handcrafted items made thruout the country. Here are some of our favorites.

Mikutowski Jewelry Box

Mikutowski Woodworking is a husband & wife team in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan who build beautiful wooden boxes. Here is one of their pieces made our of Figured Maple & Wenge. We have over 10 of their different shapes and styles in stock. The prices range from about $75 to $650 depending on the size. Stop by and see all of our current selection.

Now available at The Joinery are Lazy Susans in various wood types and sizes with the swivel attached. Our 12" Lazy Susan retails for $60, and our 16" Lazy Susan retails for $70. Stop by The Joinery or contact us here to check out these Lazy Susans which would look great on any dinner table during this holiday season.

Brent Rourke Oval Boxes

Shaker boxes from Brent Rourke are in stock. We have small, large sizes. Some of these come with Jewelry trays as shown above. These are all hand made in Canda by Brent Rourke. To see more of their items click here.

Cribbage and Domino Set

The Joinery has a variety of cribbage and domino games in stock made by Duncan's Woods of Vancouver, WA. There are small card cribbage sets to larger box sets similar to the one above which includes a full size domino set.

Joinery Walnut clock

The Joinery has also been making some wooden clocks in house. Shown above is a round one made from Western Walnut. Please call the showroom for current wood species available in round or square.


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