Honoring a 20-year employee during our 40 year celebration

We are so thankful to be celebrating our 40th anniversary this year. Thanks to our dedicated team and wonderful community of customers and partners, The Joinery continues to create handcrafted furniture that is here for good. As part of our celebration, we continue to featuring members of our team and unique aspects of our process throughout the year.

Celebrating Bruce's 20 years at The Joinery as a finisher

A lot has changed over The Joinery’s 40-year history, but for the last two decades one thing has remained the same: Bruce. Our longest tenured employee, Bruce joined us in 2002 as a Finisher and has been with us ever since.

Bruce contributes to the Finish team in many ways. He has mastered the nuance of finishing Joinery furniture to its silky-smooth final state. He plays an important role in training new members of the team. He builds small parts and crates. And if customers ever find that a piece of their furniture needs to be spruced up a bit? They just bring it back to us and Bruce takes it from there. After all, he didn’t get his nickname “Sprucey” by accident.

Bruce celebrating 20 years at The Joinery

Although he’s seen it all during his time with The Joinery, Bruce appreciates the continuous challenges. “The days are never the same,” he says. “After twenty years in the Finish department, I find that there is a new challenge every day that keeps you engaged.”

Bruce, a finisher at The Joinery celebrates 20 year anniversary

Bruce continues, “It’s great to come to work at a place where people care about the furniture they build. The Finish department takes great pride in making sure the furniture we send out the door is the highest quality.”

Besides being our longest-tenured employee, Bruce is just an all-around great guy. He is a fan of seafood as well as good wine. And when he's not watchign the Blazers or Seahawks play, he's probably out, fishing, clamming or crabbing.

Thanks Bruce for your contributions for half of our 40 years!

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