History of Pacific Madrone

Most craftsmen cringe at the thought of working with Pacific Madrone as it is known for its firmness and typically used for firewood; The Joinery took on the challenge many years back! Our Pacific Madrone lumber is sourced from a company called Sustainable NW.Click here to check out their website. Pacific Madrone grows on the west coast ranging from San Diego up through Vancouver Island. Shown below, a Pacific Madrone tree with the bark peeling back which showcases the variation of layers.

Pacific Madrone

From the Oregon Wood Innovation Center: "Pacific Madrone is one of the largest of about 14 species of Arbutus in the world, and one of the two Arbutus species in North America. Pacific Madrone is a broadleaf evergreen tree and a member of the heath family (Ericaceae). It is distinguished by its smooth trunk, orange-red deciduous bark, white flowers, and red berries." Check out the Oregon Wood Innovation Center's website here.


Madrone Pirouette End Table

The majority of wood species are known for their texture and wide grain lines; however, Madrone has very fine grain age and little texture. The beautiful characteristic about Pacific Madrone is the color variation ranging from the sapwood which is a white/cream tone and the heart of the wood is a reddish brown color (as seen above). Due to their large size which reaches heights of 80'-125' in length and 24"-48" in diameter and weighs 45-60 Ibs per foot; it is interesting to know that it is without odor and taste.

Pacific Madrone

Shown above is our Pacific Madrone lumber in its natural raw form without our topical oil finish. Contact us to request a Pacific Madrone sample, or stop into the showroom to take a look at its beauty in person.


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