End Grain Butcher Blocks

Here at the Joinery, we work hard to minimize the amount of waste created by each piece that we build. One of the most useful and beautiful solutions that we’ve come up with is our end grain butcher blocks. These can be made to fit on kitchen counters, islands or bathrooms. They are available in End Grain and Edge Grain and in any of our standard wood species. Prices are by the Square Foot. Please call our showroom for currently square foot price details.

Oregon White Oak Butcher Block detail

Made from smaller pieces of scrap wood, our end grain butcher blocks are both gorgeous and incredibly durable.

Oregon White Oak Butcher Block Island

Shown above is the Large Oregon White Oak Butcher Block Island with casters and shelf.

Our beautiful new Butcher Block Island features the end grain top which allows this piece to be beautiful and functional. End grain is self-healing and as a result will show less wear than other grain, making it the ideal material for heavy use.

We welcome requests for custom butcher blocks of all sizes including custom butcher block countertops and islands. For information and quotes on custom pieces call us at 800.259.6762 or email us at info@thejoinery.com


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