Customer Profile: Maurice Unis and Cathy Traylor

Maurice and Cathy have been customers of The Joinery for the past 20 years. After they decided to move from their traditional home in Portland to a mid century gem on the Sandy River they realized they needed new Joinery furniture. Because the more modern feel of their new home was different from what they were used to, Maurice and Cathy asked for some design advice from The Joinery. After a visit to the showroom, followed by a house call, all of the new furniture was selected, along with upholstery and rugs to match the existing finishes in the family room.

When asked about their favorite pieces, they had two answers. Maurice’s favorite piece is their new custom modern coffee table with a tiled top that matches their fire place because they don’t need to worry about damaging the top and the large drawer is perfect for keeping their living room tidy. Cathy loves their old Shaker dining table, one of the few pieces they decided to move to their new house. The classic simplicity works well in a traditional home as well as a more modern one and the history of large family dinners was hard to give up.

Maurice and Cathy love working with The Joinery because they feel like they share similar values to the company. They love that their furniture is built locally by craftsman using sustainably harvested lumber.


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