Customer Profile: Dave Sauer

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing our longtime customer and friend, Dave Sauer. We worked with Dave to design and build a custom "Banjo" chair and we liked the result so much that we've added the chair to our line. Read more about the Banjo chair here and check out our interview with Dave below.

How were you introduced to The Joinery?

I lived in Sellwood and frequently drove by the shop.

What were the first pieces you purchased from the Joinery?

A quilted maple and cherry dresser, a Sorenson Reverse bed and a quilted maple blanket chest. Then a quilted maple James Rocker.

What is your favorite Joinery piece you’ve purchased and why?

I have had several pieces made with cherry from my grandparent’s land in Upstate New York and they are amongst my favorite – especially my Jost kitchen table and Arts and Crafts chairs. Then, of course, there is the banjo chair!

Tell us about the Banjo chair. Where did you get the idea for the project?

I salvaged this old oak chair from a junk pile while at medical school more than 20 years ago. Although it was very worn, it was solid and was the nicest furniture I owned while in school and residency. Once I finished my board exams, I rekindled my childhood interest in banjo playing and this chair with its curved back was a natural fit. On a good day, I often spend 2-3 hours in it with a banjo in my hands and a good, dark beer within easy reach. It is perfect.

Why do you like working with the Joinery?

Wonderful craftsmanship, lovely wood and great people. I think we must have about 60-70 pieces of Joinery work in our house – maybe more.


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