Customer / Friend Profile: Norman Gary

Pictured below is 92 year old Norman Gary (left) with one of our craftsmen, Ken Vetterick (right). Norman Gary was one of the recipients to The Joinery's long standing Meals on Wheels delivery years ago and now visits us frequently to get some of our scrap wood to keep his house warm. Norman is quite the character and a good friend to The Joinery. He was a child actor during his youth appearing in a number of movies including, the American comedy drama Captain January in 1936 featuring Shirley Temple. Norman visits The Joinery every so often to check out our different kinds of scrap wood available in our free bin, right outside the wood shop. Norman is by far one of our oldest and most entertaining of friends, and he still drives!

Pictured above is just some of the types of scrap that we fill our free bin with. It does get picked over though fairly well by our local Woodstock neighbors. It is first come first serve.

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