Custom Maud Credenza

The Joinery custom Maud Credenza

Creating custom furniture designed and handcrafted to meet our customers specific needs is one of the things that sets The Joinery apart. Our sales and design team work with the customer to understand the key elements, and we create drawings to make sure the design and specifications meet customer needs. Then we turn it over to our craftspeople to make the piece come to life.

One recent custom piece was a Western Walnut Maud Credenza, built by Tenzin for a customer in Washington. The customer was looking for a beautiful yet elegant storage piece to fit a specific space in their living room. They loved the look of theMaud Credenza but needed additional storage and custom dimensions. As we worked thru the design, we created a custom drawing for approval.

Maud Credenza

The customer was excited to hear that Tenzin would be building their piece, as they had seen Tenzin’s work featured on our Instagram page and loved the artistry Tenzin brings with his lumber selection and layout.

Custom Maud Credenza in process

When the piece was delivered to their home in Washington, the customer was excited to see it in their space. “It’s just an incredible piece and a wonderful addition to our house. The craftsmanship is amazing and the wood is unbelievable….. I love the design of the original Maud Credenza, but we are so happy with the modifications – it just works perfectly in our space.”

Custom Maud Credenza in Western Walnut

Customer's Custom Maud Credenza

We are grateful to the customer for sharing these photos and comments with our team. Customers often do this, which is exciting for our entire team to see. After all of the design work, communication back and forth, and the process of building the furniture as it moves through our Shop, it is rewarding to see the pieces “in the wild,” as one of our craftspeople puts it.

We now have a regular feature in our monthly company meetings called “Pieces in the Wild,” where we share photos that customers have provided and tell the story of individual pieces with our entire team.

Inside the drawer of a custom Maud credenza

To share your pictures of your Joinery furniture "in the wild" please email them here.

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