Custom Cantilever Desk

At The Joinery we always look forward to custom pieces, whether it is a fully custom piece like the Spindle Bed, or whether it is an idea that is modified from existing peice in our standard line. Above is the Cantilever Desk in Eastern Walnut, a desk that is included in our Modern Series for the office. Below, we worked with a customer to create a desk that uses the elements of the Cantilever, preserving the clean lines, sled base and metal hardware, but has a much more compact footprint. Our customer wanted to keep the mid century look to the desk, but also liked the idea of a little asymmetry in the desk, which we were able to achieve by eliminating some storage space and moving the drawers to inside the base.

This custom desk was also built in Eastern Walnut, and we just loved how it turned out. It would be beautiful paired with our Studio Chair, or the Celilo Chair both of which exist in our standard Dining Chair line.


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