Collins Company

We are often asked about our wood sources, and one of our proudest answers is that we partner with the Portland based Collins Company for our FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified Cherry. A large percentage of our furniture is built in Cherry, which is sustainably harvested from self-sustaining, managed forests in Pennsylvania. From the Collins Company website:

The 295,000 acres of Collins timberlands are biodiverse, multi-layered, canopied forests, not single-species tree farms. They are self-sustaining, containing more wood today than they did over a hundred years ago. They are home to bald eagles, black bears, wild turkeys, rubber boas, beavers, great blue heron rookeries and the endangered Goose Lake redband trout. They are enriched by meadows, springs, creeks, rivers, and lakes. They are naturally healthy forests—growing trees only from sunshine, water, and nutrients from fertile soil.

Below are some pieces built in our FSC Certified Cherry from the Collins Company, the Classic Mission Bed and the Dunning Style Kirsten's Dresser.

As a company, we are proud to be able to offer sustainable, choices at our least expensive price points (both our Cherry and Maple are FSC certified and are at our base price). Our customers do not have to choose between a budget and a responsible choice.


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