The Cherry Blossom Show at The Joinery

4 artists, 4 media, all about celebrating the harbinger of spring: Spring is a time of rejuvenation and renewal in the Pacific Northwest, as we shed the wet chill of winter and burst forth with new life. There is no better embodiment of spring than the cherry blossom, a delicate and ephemeral flower that blooms in resplendent pink, igniting in us the hope of rebirth.

The Cherry Blossom show extended at The Joinery
Celebrate the harbinger of spring in art. Opening March 10 and presented by HOWARD, the Cherry Blossom Show bring together 4 artists of different disciplines to capture the soaring significance of the most electrifying of spring flowers.

The Cherry Blossom art show at The Joinery

Greg Beris has been shooting the region's cherry blossoms for years and turning his photographs into unique objects of art. His technique is inimitable and the result dazzling. Shot against our iconic grey skies and printed on aluminum, you have to see it to really appreciate the extraordinary light and depth Greg brings to his photographs.

The Cherry Blossom art show at The Joinery

Jessica Jeffery paints with alacrity and verve that veritably jumps off the canvas. Her impressions of the interplay between pink and grey evokes the calm awe and exuberant hope the mix in our heart when the cherry blossoms awaken.

Also exhibited are local illustrator Hollye Maxwell and encaustic artist Kelly Williams. Both are experts in their fields who awaken the joy in our hearts upon seeing this most beloved of flowers, the cherry blossom.

Our downtown location is at 922 SW Yamhill St. Portland, OR.
The Cherry Blossom Show opens Friday March 10, 5-8 PM

Join us for snacks, refreshments and great conversation. The art is on view at the Joinery Downtown until June 1st. Please give us a call to make an appointment to come by to visit and see the work in person or to learn more visit HOWARD's website here.

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