Builder Profile - Ken Vetterick

Joinery Craftsmen

My woodworking experience started early in high school where I took industrial education or shop classes all four years. After high school in 1974 I decided to work as an apprentice carpenter for a small company. Eventually I started to make furniture pieces in my basement with carpentry tools. My first piece that I ever built was actually a side table made from Birch lumber and a book rack from Redwood.

After my apprenticeship I moved back in with my parents and paid my room & board by building pieces for their home. I was eventually persuaded by a co-worker that I should pursue furniture building. I found a job in Iowa for a carpentry shop that built Early American style furniture. I learned the trade for about 3 years before I took an adventure and ended up in Portland, OR.

For a while in Portland I was self-employed but eventually found work for one of the best designers/builders named John Economaki. He taught me that anyone could be a woodworker but a master is a person that could make beautiful designs into furniture. The furniture building was always second in the business so I knew that something would come along.

Eventually I was lucky enough to have a position open as an 'Experienced Woodworker' at The Joinery. I have enjoyed working with this great group of people for nearly 15 years. I have seen a lot of changes in the industry but not once has the attention to quality ever wavered.


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