Builder Profile: Ariel Enriquez

Here in our Builder Profile section, we like to introduce to you one of our many talented craftsmen who work so hard to bring us such beautiful furniture. Below we have talked to Ariel, a builder who focuses on Joinery Occasional Tables, Morris Chairs, Hope Chests and Small Case Goods.

How long have you been working with The Joinery?

Years! 11 or 12.

How did you get started in working in wood? What was the first piece you ever built?

I started with woodshop in 7th grade. My first piece was my toolbox, which still goes with me on every job. My first ‘real’ efforts were framing interiors when I was a high schooler.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job? What is the most challenging?

The most rewarding aspect of this craft is sharing it with those who want to learn it. The most challenging part of it all is getting the next correct. It’s simple but it’s not. It’s a zen thing, really.

Is there a project or aspect of woodworking that you are interested in tackling that you haven’t yet?

Yes, of course. I hope to join with others and create a ‘home’ for the Guild. Not just a shop, but a repository for the ‘final word’ in fine woodworking in the Northwest. Open to all and serving the community.

What is your favorite traditional woodworking joint? What make it special to you?

Three favorites (see my side tables) are the finger joint, the through dovetails and the miter joint in carcase joinery.

What is your favorite species of wood to work with, and why?

African Mahogany and quilted Maple. Everything I’ve made for our home is of these two species. A real killer combo.

Is there a favorite project or piece you have built in the past?

Of The Joinery pieces I’ve made I’d have to say the Woodstock Sideboard and the James Rocker are favorites. But actually, the most favorite pieces is whatever next rolls across my bench.


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