Briquettes Made from our Woodshop

Briquettes are now available this season! In keeping with our green initiative, the Joinery converts all of its sawdust and wood chips to briquettes. As a service to the community we offer these briquettes to the community for free on a first come, first served basis. They are great for barbecuing or for heating during the cold winter months.

The Joinery Briquettes

A few of our wood briquettes ready to use

The Joinery woodshop

Our wood shop with the duct system that sends all our saw dust to the Briquetter.

If you would like to pick up some of these briquettes please follow the guidelines. Usual availability is Monday thru Friday 7:30 - 5:30. The briquettes can be located in the small shed like building on the North (Woodstock) side of the building. If the gate to the Briquettes is locked, they are not available.

Please do not call the store to find out status as it changes frequently and we will not be able to check on stock. This is a great resource for the community and helps us limit our waste.


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