And the Metamortise winner is...

The Winning Builder

With hundreds and hundreds of votes counted over the past week, the Annual Metamortise winner is: Thomas Dunn and his Beacon Coffee Table.

Thomas gets bragging rights for the next year - kudos! Thomas combined gorgeous local Western Walnut, Oregon White Oak, FSC Cherryand locally havested Madrone wood scraps and fashioned them into a stunning piece.


Meta | met·a | adjective | of a creative work

Mortise | mor·tise | verb | join securely by using a mortise and tenon

The Joinery defines Metamortise - to build something creative by using time-tested Joinery techniques. We exhibit the one-of-a-kind pieces on our website and in an event at our downtown showroom. All the pieces must meet The Joinery’s high-standards of beautiful design and enduring quality.

The Winning Customer

One random voter also WINS the piece of their choice. Jessica Russell, of Portland, was the winning voter and she chose the Coffee Bench by Hilario Olmos-Diaz (shown below). "I am utterly delighted to win this great gift by an extraordinary artist," she said as she was recently notified of her win.

Thank you to everyone who voted, and who supported the competition. The annual event aligns with The Joinery's sustainability mission of recycling 100% of it's wood waste by either upcycling into new products or donating the wood to schools, art programs and woodshops around the community who can reuse the materials.


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