100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon

The Joinery: wood chips and sawdust are converted into briquettes, then given away for free to customers.

As momentum grows at the state level to introduce far-reaching environmental regulations, such as carbon pricing and the Clean Fuels Program, Oregon employers continue to go the extra mile to create green workplaces for their employees.

Paperless offices, on-site organic gardens, worm bins, low-flow showers — these are just a handful of innovative green practices that the 100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon have put in place to foster sustainable work environments.

This year’s list is composed of a mix of companies and organizations that are not necessarily associated with green products and services, such as auto retailers and law firms. Others are in industries that are geared to green living, such as environmental consulting.

More than 430 companies and nonprofits participated in this year’s 100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon project. Almost 70% are for-profit companies, while the rest are from the nonprofit sector. Now in its seventh year, the survey highlights the state’s foremost sustainable places to work.

93. The Joinery
Overall score: 246.92


The 100 Best Green Workplaces were determined by more than 430 companies and non-profits that took part in two anonymous surveys: the 2014 100 Best Nonprofits to Work For in Oregon and the 2015 100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon. Employees rated their satisfaction with and the importance they attach to 10 statements related to workplace sustainable practices, such as green mission and goals, recycling and waste reduction, support for public transit, energy and water conservation, and buying local. Employers were also independently scored on 15 questions about their sustainability practices.

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