We are often asked about our wood sources, and one of our proudest answers is that we partner with the Portland based Collins Company for our FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified Cherry. A large percentage of our furniture is built  in Cherry, which is sustainably harvested from self-sustaining, managed forests in Pennsylvania. From the Collins Company website:

The 295,000 acres of Collins timberlands are biodiverse, multi-layered, canopied forests, not single-species tree farms. They are self-sustaining, containing more wood today than they did over a hundred years ago. They are home to bald eagles, black bears, wild turkeys, rubber boas, beavers, great blue heron rookeries and the endangered Goose Lake redband trout. They are enriched by meadows, springs, creeks, rivers, and lakes. They are naturally healthy forests—growing trees only from sunshine, water, and nutrients from fertile soil.

Below are some pieces built in our FSC Certified Cherry from the Collins Company, the Classic Mission Bed and the Dunning Style Kirsten's Dresser.

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'Tis the season! Of holiday parties, and cocoa, and pies, and traveling... and hostess gifts! We have some great small pieces that we make here at The Joinery that would be perfect to bring along as a thank you to your holiday hosts.

One thing that we really love, and get really excited about here in the showroom is when our customers come to us with exciting ideas for mixing styles in a room. While stylistic consistency is sometimes the key to order in a room, the right amount of mixing and matching in a room can breathe a lot of life into a space. Here are some photos of some beautifully eclectic spaces.

Here at the Joinery we are experiencing what we are casually referring to as "the Baby Boom". With 4 new arrivals from our guys in the shop and one in the showroom, we are on high alert for good stuff for baby. Our favorite small items make great gifts, like the sweet Wild Apples sets and soft all natural Bholu throws, but what about that bigger piece that will stay in the family forever?

A popular choice for new families are our heirloom rockers, which come in a couple of standard styles and can, of course, be customized as desired. Our current favorite on the floor right now is a Leon's Rocker in Western Walnut with a wood seat. It was built with a beautiful, rich set of boards that have a lots deep figure and pretty grain patterning.

Wild Apples is one of our very favorite lines of small items we carry in the showroom. Gunther Keil is the artisan behind this heirloom toy line, and he has been creating wooden toys for over 30 years. His pieces are made to reflect, as he says, "the fragility and exquisiteness of life". We can see that in his tiny animal figures and habitats, his arks and his Nativity scenes, but mostly we just think they are adorable!

We recently posted about some beautiful Madrone Kyoto Chairs that came through the shop fairly recently, and we have such a great selection of the lumber right now we thought it would be fun to also post about the the Madrone Sleigh Bed that our builder Eric was busy working on last week. This version of the Sleigh Bed is an archive piece, and is no longer included in our standard line. However, like all our archived pieces, we are happy to build it upon request! You can see our updated standard, the Contemporary Sleigh Bed on our site. This version has slightly more traditional details, like a deeper curve to the head and footboards, and classic details like scrollwork on the sides.

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We were so excited to see that one of our favorite shelter blogs Desire To Inspire posted about Risa Boyer, who not only happens to be an excellent architect with an awesome eye for design, but she is also the sister of Rosy Boyer, our showroom manager! The post looks beautiful, and we thought we would repost some images from Risa's site, as well as some of the images posted over on Desire To Inspire.

It is Dining Table season! This time of year always finds us building many many dining tables, with the holidays on the horizon and all the big family gatherings planned. This year, in order to better accommodate all the builds we are extending our Build To Order deadline for Thanksgiving orders until 11/1. That means a decrease in the standard 8-10 week lead time down to 4 weeks, with no expediting fee added. Just 9 more days to get your orders in! As always, floor models are available immediately, but custom pieces like the few pictured below will require the lead time for the build.